Surprise Boxes

Surprise boxes are the virtual treasury chest containing undisclosed items, which will be randomly dropped when socializing in the chatroom. ZClub in-app surprise boxes have two different types:
1. Public Surprise Boxes: its drop frequency is determined by Chatroom Magic points. It is available to see for everyone. First come, first served.
2. Private Surprise Boxes: its drop frequency is determined by Seat Magic points. Only available to the seat NFT owner.
Other things to be noted:
1. Surprise boxes have five different types, namely common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary
2. Public/Private Surprise Box has 36 to 84 hours cooldown time before it can be opened. Users can burn AHT to speed up the process
3. Each user has four slots to store Public/Private Surprise Boxes
4. Surprise Boxes contain different Crowns, Tokens, Energy Boosters, Emojis, Tools, CD Accelerators, etc.
Surprise Box Level
Cooldown Time
Public Surprise Box Lv1
Public Surprise Box Lv2
Public Surprise Box Lv3
Public Surprise Box Lv4
Public Surprise Box Lv5