1. Digital asset ownership:
(1) Get Genesis NFTs by joining ZClub Community events
(2) Mint new Seats or ChatRooms
(3) Public and private Surprise Boxes will be given to Seat/ChatRoom holders, which can be used to add special effects to your NFTs
2. Pay to play VS play to earn
(1) Unlike traditional games, Seats/ChatRooms/Crowns are not only the basic infrastructure of the game, but also can help their holders to profit tokens
(2) Newly minted Seats/ChatRooms, or NFTs from Public and Private Surprise Boxes can help holders to profit tokens more from the game and can be traded in the marketplace in the meantime
4. Make passive income (Under Development)
(1) Users can make passive income by renting their Seats/ChatRooms to others
5. DAO Decision Making (Under Development)
(1) Make AUT earnings by holding your Seats/ChatRooms, and become a member of DAO meanwhile
(2) Join DAO community vote by staking, being a part of the decentralized community decision making