Decentralized Management System

The following type of behaviors will lead to the ban of users:
● Harassment
● Bullying
● Scammer
● Fraud/ Cyber Crime
● Phishing Attempt
● Pornographic content
● Abusive/Hateful content
● Self-harm/suicide
● Imposter
● Copyright Infringement
1.How does it work?
(1) All users in the app can make reports
(2) Algorithm distributes reports to DAO community members who are also AHT/AUT holders
(3) DAO members serve as judges to decide whether reports are valid or not
(4) Users who make the right decision will be rewarded with AHT, while wrong judgment will lead to the deduction of staking AHT
(5) Founding principle is the minority obeys the majority
(6) Community rule breakers will be blocked for 7days or 14 days depending on the DAO decisions
2. Unblock Decision
(1) Block will be automatically lifted after the penalty period expires
(2) Users above Lv10 can unblock themselves twice each month, however, AHT is required for speed up
(3) All penalty tokens will enter an ecosystem pool which will later be distributed to the community or DAO members